Base Wraps

This type of label is excellent for advertising and promotional use. When printed on our Flexo machines, it is basically a large non-adhesive repeated label, supplied on a roll in a variety of sizes. Should you prefer to not have the same image repeated, our Digital Press allows us to print various images on a roll or alternatively one long, continual image. The purpose of base wraps are that they can be wrapped around shelving, a stack of boxes or pallets or the base of a display so as to make it more attractive to consumers. We print on either a PP 50 or 60 micron white or BOPP 45 micron white film. Base wraps are usually varnished to improve the scuff resistance which may be caused by consumer trolleys in store, etc. They are supplied on rolls in any number of metres you may require.


Coupons are mainly used for promotional purposes such as discounts redeemable, a unique code hidden on the under layer for competitions or as a vehicle for loyalty programs. It is a pressure sensitive label that can be applied to a clean surface and subsequently peeled or torn off, leaving no adhesive residue. It is usually made up of one layer and provides two possible sides for printing, with a perforation near the edges with the adhesive having been killed on the section being torn off. We can print unique, random or sequential numbers and alphas on all coupons. A silicone ink can also be applied over these numbers and alphas to create a scratch card effect.

Promo Labels

Promo labels can take the shape of windscreen labels, scratch cards, competition labels, collectable labels and booklet labels. Using the correct adhesives and sun-resistant inks, we are able to supply you with license disc labels as well as bumper stickers which would normally fade in direct sunlight. This allows your promotion to be visible to all on the roads and increases your reachability to audience.

Scratch cards can be supplied in the form a pressure sensitive label or coupon or on non-adhesive board, perfect for competitions, instore promotions and loyalty programs.

For competition labels, we are able to print on both sides of the label and we can kill the adhesive in a section of the label to allow consumers to write their details and post in their entries. Collectable labels are made up of two layers of material and supplied on a roll for ease of application. Once applied onto a surface, the top layer with the image can be removed and reused by the consumer. This is fantastic to create loyalty as it encourages the consumer to continue purchasing the product in order to collect the full series of images.

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